Touch UX Trends Started by Apps

It's interesting to watch how the accepted standard for User Experience (UX) evolves over time. It's like there is a universal "vocabulary" of actions and gestures. We intuitively understand them and also expect them to be implemented in every app we use. Eventually, developers integrate UX advances into new and existing apps and even [...]

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Some Thoughts Inspired by Nintendo’s Hybrid Device, the Switch

I've had my Nintendo Switch for just over twenty four hours, but I've been thinking a lot about the innovation that Nintendo brought to the table with their latest console. There is a lot of discussion to be had about specifics but that's not what I've been focusing on. On a high level, Nintendo's [...]

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Conditional E-mails from SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a great reporting tool, especially its ability to schedule reports to be sent out via e-mail. But one thing nobody wants is useless e-mails flooding their inbox. Some of the reports I've built using SSRS list problem data that needs to be cleaned up. I don't want those reports [...]

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What PowerShell Summit Showed Me

PowerShell Summit was a blast. I learned some great new skills and connected with a ton of folks who are as passionate about technology as I am. But even though PowerShell Summit is a conference about Windows PowerShell, attending it opened my eyes to some other important lessons that apply to everyone in IT. Focus [...]

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Password Strength is Relative to Attack Algorithm

Passwords are everywhere in our technology laden world. The number of accounts a single person has grows constantly (I sign up for a new web site or service at least once a month). Because of this, it's of ever-increasing importance to be smart about how you secure your accounts and choose passwords with a high password strength.

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