Amazon SQS Overview (Part 2) – Security and Dead Letter Queues

I previously began my overview of Amazon SQS by covering the basic concepts and API functions. In this post, I want to cover two additional topics of interest to anyone using SQS: queue security and the concept of dead letter queues. Go back and read the first post before continuing. [...]

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Amazon SQS Overview – A Simple but Powerful Queue Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers dozens of cloud services. I'm a huge fan of their Simple Queue Service (SQS). It's invaluable for asynchronous processing workflows and helps you decouple the components of your infrastructure. You can read a lot of the high level information about Amazon SQS on their product page. In this post, [...]

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Baby Connect Project – Design Considerations

Previously, I wrote about my experience creating some automation to keep track of my baby daughter's diapers and bottles using a service called Baby Connect. This time, I'd like to discuss some of the hurdles I faced and design choices I made. If you haven't already read the original article, it would be a [...]

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