Amazon SQS Overview – A Simple but Powerful Queue Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers dozens of cloud services. I'm a huge fan of their Simple Queue Service (SQS). It's invaluable for asynchronous processing workflows and helps you decouple the components of your infrastructure. You can read a lot of the high level information about Amazon SQS on their product page. In this post, [...]

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Differentiate Yourself – Two Quick Lessons From a Bad Electrician

In a world full of other people who could do your job, one thing we are always doing as professionals is working to differentiate ourselves from our competition. I had an experience with an electrician recently that illustrates two ways to do this. A lesson in fire safety A [...]

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Touch UX Trends Started by Apps

It's interesting to watch how the accepted standard for User Experience (UX) evolves over time. It's like there is a universal "vocabulary" of actions and gestures. We intuitively understand them and also expect them to be implemented in every app we use. Eventually, developers integrate UX advances into new and existing apps and even [...]

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Baby Connect Project – Design Considerations

Previously, I wrote about my experience creating some automation to keep track of my baby daughter's diapers and bottles using a service called Baby Connect. This time, I'd like to discuss some of the hurdles I faced and design choices I made. If you haven't already read the original article, it would be a [...]

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Some Thoughts Inspired by Nintendo’s Hybrid Device, the Switch

I've had my Nintendo Switch for just over twenty four hours, but I've been thinking a lot about the innovation that Nintendo brought to the table with their latest console. There is a lot of discussion to be had about specifics but that's not what I've been focusing on. On a high level, Nintendo's [...]

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